Bible Smuggling

Persecuted Church in China

A number of things may come to your mind when you hear the term “Bible smuggling.” Aren’t we as Christians supposed to honor and obey the rulers of the land (Romans 13:1)?

What if the country that you live in outlaws Bibles? What does it mean to honor God and as well as honor the government of the land. This is an issue that many Persecuted Christians face around the world.

Faith in God must always supercede obeying the laws of the land. Look at the example of the church in the book of Acts. Paul continually preached and proclaimed the gospel even though it was illegal. Although he was often imprisoned, his passion was to proclaim the gospel no matter what the cost.

The Word of God transforms and changes lives and we believe that anyone should have access to scripture. From the very beginning of our ministry we have smuggling Bibles at the request of Christian leaders to countries where scripture has been outlawed. Brother Andrew was know as “God’s Smuggler” by smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain in the days of the Soviet Union. We continued this with Project Pearl where we smuggled one million Bibles into China in 1988. This continues today in many of the most harsh and difficult countries in the world.